Also known as Shrink Wrap or Strech Wrap – is a plastic industrial-grade cling film. Premium quality transparent machine-grade cast films with stretchable material. Available in a variety of thicknesses of 25 microns lesser and more depending on the specification of the customers. Cast film provides better clarity and gloss, and quieter film unwinds than blown films. These characteristics make cast film a good choice for cube-shaped loads and loads that are used for display purposes.

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  • Machine Stretch Wraps vary in stretch capacity from (180%-300%+)
  • More Cost-Effective compared to standard machine films
  • High-Performance films provide a higher stretch capacity up to 3 times the conventional roll length. In laments terms, 1 meter can be extended up to 3 meters (depending on the stretch capacity)
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified and meeting European Standards