During the packaging process, it is essential to have one such product using which you can safely pack expensive and delicate items. To reduce the risk of breakage or damage, we recommend using versatile cast films. The cast stretch wrap is manufactured through a cast extrusion process. Here a thermos-plastic material is heated and extruded on a roller. This results in the production of a clear film that is flexible and can be used for a variety of applications.

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Advantages of Cast Films:

Cast films are comparatively less expensive than other products such as blown stretch wraps. It features a two-sided cling that allows the user to wrap the product securely. Store your items in the warehouse for as long as you want without any hassle. Protect them from elements such as dust, heat and water. While transporting the items, you do not have to worry about rough handling or cracks.

The polyethylene and other raw materials create a tear resistant cast film. The strong adhesion power holds the films together and prevents sliding and falling of the items. Along with polyethylene, nylon and vinyl create a solid barrier and delivers high-quality performance.

Why Use Cast Films?

The flexible cast films are perfect for food and textiles packaging. In some cases, food packaging materials are required to have oxygen barrier capabilities which can be done by combining EVOH with polyolefin.

Our product catalogue includes hundreds of unique industrial and agriculture packaging products. Each cast stretch wrap is tested for defects to ensure that our customers only receive the best products.

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We specialise in supplying and distributing custom packaging solutions. We have some of the best flexible packaging designs that will help you transform the way your industry function.

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