If you are looking for one of the easiest and simplest ways to protect your load during transportation, then you should consider using a stretch film roll. The best thing about using a stretch film is that it can be used manually as well as with automatic stretch wrappers, which is why it is a popular packaging option among users. It is a versatile material and is manufactured using high-grade materials.

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At Metro Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging supplies available in various grades, widths, and colours to suit your specific transportation requirements. Contact our staff and explore a wide range of products. We offer stretch film roll, silage cast films, and other packaging supplies at a cost-effective price.

The films are highly stretchable. We offer custom design films based on the requested packaging type, performance, and budget.

Are you looking for a reliable farm storage solution? Choose our white silage cast films, they are used in farm areas for protecting and storing forage and maize. You can easily transport and deliver the stock by. The film maintains an optimum humidity condition that keeps the crops fresh.

When it comes to handling a packaging operation, using a stretch film will help you save your money and time. It is suitable to properly pack goods and items. It is an elastic wrap that can be stretched around various products and keeps them secure during shipping and transportation.

We are the leading stretch film supplier in Australia. We deliver stretch films that secure the products and keep them tightly bound.

You can prevent your products from getting shipment by using our high-quality stretch film. The film not only prevents product damage by also protects them against sudden movements and other environmental factors.

Why Choose a Stretch Film for Product Packaging?

  • The stretch films offer superior protection as they are more secure and minimises the chances of shipmen damage.
  • The UV stretch film protects the items stored outdoors from UV rays.
  • The film conceals the contents and protects them against dust, moisture, and dirt.
  • It is a cost-effective packaging solution as compared to other packaging options.
  • Improve your packaging operation efficiency with a stretch film roll.
  • The stretch film is 100% recyclable.
  • With increased load stability, the film creates a stable load and reduces product damage.

We offer stretch wrap films in a variety of blends to address our customer’s packaging and application needs.

Stretch film packaging

Using a stretch film for packaging is a space-saving option for you. Enhance your productivity by using quality and durable packaging solutions. We are here to help you pick the best packaging supplies on the basis of your shipping requirements.

We offer many different packaging options to customers to ensure damage-free transportation. The stretch film is great for carrying heavy and irregular loads as well as products.

Stretch film packaging is preferred by most of our customers due to its high puncture resistance. We offer customised packaging options that are highly efficient. Whether you need a wrapping package or tapes, we have all you need to transport your items from one place to another.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website, Get in Touch and choose our stretch film packaging products.